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Where health care and marketing intersect.

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We help new patients find you so you can focus on what’s important – practicing medicine. And then we keep them connected to your practice and to your providers.

Grow Your Practice

The revolution in internet driven marketing has dramatically changed how healthcare organizations find and engage with patients, both old and new.

These digital tools make marketing significantly more effective & efficient, but vastly more complicated.

Technology alone is not enough. Precise messaging, careful targeting, exceptional creative, and a reliance on data & analytics are crucial for success in a world where competition is as fierce as it has ever been.

We are experts at adding rocket fuel to your business development and patient acquisition while staying accessible and true to your brand voice. Internet search is the go-to plan for people looking for a doctor – almost 90% of people looking for a provider use web-based search tools. BrandAware is here to make sure your practice and your providers are near the top of every search.


of patients today find a new doctor from internet search


of patients find reviews helpful, and 69% will not consider a physician with an average rating lower than 4/5

Who we serve


You became a clinician to care for patients. We see ourselves as the vehicle to make sure those patients find you when they need your expertise. Think of us as a trusted and prolific referral source.

Our specialty is working with clinicians – physicians, nurse practitioners, psychologists, hospitals, group practices and multi-state provider organizations. We work closely with your executive team and your marketing leads to understand your practice and the challenges you face in building powerful and lasting patient demand. We can work with practice groups to build a marketing strategy from the ground up, or we can develop a social media and web strategy that fits within your existing marketing framework.

In every case, we use HIPAA compliant tools and detailed patient journey analytics to launch and track our campaigns across multiple platforms. So you will always know what we are doing and we will always have the data to continually refine our approach and report our progress to you.

Private Equity Investors, Multi-Location & MSOs

You invested in clinical operations because you recognize the potential to grow these businesses, expand their market footprint and build efficiencies through scale. It is important for you to find quality partners to facilitate this growth, not just through acquisition, but also organically by building volume, payer mix and patient loyalty. The BrandAware approach uses a suite of internet and social media tools like Google Search/Display and Facebook to find new patients and give them compelling information about your practices at the precise moment it will be most persuasive. MSOs are complex organizations that require nuance and have multiple stakeholders. Fast, consistent & efficient growth is table stakes- where we really shine is our ability to help newly acquired assets assimilate into the brand and get up to speed as fast as necessary.

BrandAware also specializes in helping sophisticated organizations build brand equity. Our best-in-class content, creative & video production services will cultivate brand assets that properly convey your value. The resulting product will help you attract top executive talent, inspire your employees, convince new practices to join, and raise your next round.

Research Community & Clinical Trials

Over 15% of clinical trials fail to recruit even a single patient! And even if you can recruit relevant & motivated participants, it’s still a challenge to keep them invested and coming back for the duration of their treatment. If you’re unable to recruit the most relevant & motivated subjects, your trial could be dead in the water before you even begin.

Our highly targeted approach to subject recruitment produces a highly engaged participant pool. We apply a combination of digital and traditional methods to reach the appropriate subjects where they prefer to spend their time, and lean on education and a superb user experience to make the process seamless and keep them coming back.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

After years of clinical trials, your novel pharmaceutical or medical device was finally approved… now what? As a new entrant to the market, nothing is more important for your brand than building trust with the community. Our stellar creative production will build that trust with patients and health care providers alike, so you can come out of the gate with momentum and take market share from the less effective incumbent therapies.

BrandAware will build and execute an advertising strategy that’s as unique as your product. Our novel approach will help you identify the right patients at the moment they need your care the most, and relevant health care professionals eager for your new treatment. Each bespoke strategy leverages our knowledge of your market & competitors, as well as important regulatory do’s and don’ts, to ensure your velocity doesn’t slow down with rejected ads.

Do Well by Doing Good

Healthcare is stressful.
It doesn't have to be.

It is our responsibility to remove stress from clinicians by allowing them to do their jobs more easily.  And we do the same for patients, by helping them find treatments and solutions to their problems.

We are an extension of your practice

We value building trusting and transparent connections between our team and yours so we always know what’s important to you and can anticipate your needs and strategic direction. It’s our priority to ensure you have the highest quality services possible.

Where health care and marketing intersect

Where health care and marketing intersect

Where health care and marketing intersect

Where health care and marketing intersect

Where health care and marketing intersect

Where health care and marketing intersect

Where health care and marketing intersect

Where health care and marketing intersect

Where health care and marketing intersect

Where health care and marketing intersect

Frequently asked questions

Do I really need to advertise my healthcare practice on the internet?

YES! 90% of patients use online reviews to evaluate physicians, and 71% use online reviews as the very first step to finding a new doctor.

And just in case you think it’s only younger generations, in the 60+ demographic, nine out of ten (90 percent) patients said they will choose a new provider after seeing negative online ratings.

Are there any HIPAA challenges with healthcare marketing?

There are nuances to healthcare marketing, and we have helped some of the largest healthcare companies in the country navigate these potentially challenging waters. We’ve learned what is a violation and what is acceptable and will make sure everything we produce for you never endangers your reputation or budget.

I know all about social media, can't I just do this myself?

We have no doubt that with enough time and patience, you could figure out all of this on your own. But in the time it would take you to figure this out, we’ll have returned your initial investment by an order of magnitude. This isn’t rocket science, but there is a lot of art to it, and the most important resource you have is time. Let us handle this for you.