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Advertising & Creative for value driven organizations

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rev·​er·​ence (rĕvər-əns) – a deep respect, awe, or admiration

Deep reverence is not simple, it requires high levels of creativity, intellectual, and emotion intelligence. Each member of our team has been carefully selected based on their ability to deepen our collective reverence.

By deeply understanding and respecting our client’s unique needs, values, and audience, we can craft tailor-made strategies that resonate more powerfully with the market.

Finding that reverence is what we do better than anyone – it is humble, it is beautiful, and it is awesome. Reverence has an enormous impact with the outside world (our customers, potential customers, and talent recruitment) and for ourselves (internal company culture).


Creativity & Science

We strike the delicate balance between pushing creative boundaries and ensuring accessibility for the target audience. Our team embraces innovation and imagination to the fullest, yet we skillfully tailor our creative efforts to resonate with the audience's needs and perceptions. This approach ensures that our marketing strategies are not only original and engaging, but also effectively understood and embraced by those we aim to reach.

“It's rare that you connect with people who are so genuine... It's super creative. It's creative energy on 1000.”

Brandon HillOasis Center


Service Bundles

Experience innovation and impact with ARTMAGIC LABS' intelligent, technology-driven service bundles. A bundle is when you package our content services with any other ongoing service. Bundles are the combination any two ongoing services that includes ongoing content production.



Core Services

Content Production

Showcase the quality of your product or service through the quality of the visuals you put into the world. Build clarity, respect, and intrigue around your offering. 


Digital Advertising

Reach people who you’d never be able to reach otherwise. Track, retarget, and build data sets to leverage in the future. 


Social Media Management

Educate the marketplace about who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Make employees proud. And recruit talent.



Service Engine


Timeline & Rollout of Services

Month 1: Launch Plan

For anyone who engages AML with a Service Bundle, we start with our Launch Plan Workshop and then leverage the collected intelligence from the workshop to develop extensive documentation that outlines a scalable path forward.

Month 2: Initial Content Block

We generate an initial library of content, work on any necessary web related development, connect accounts, integrate API's, and prepare for launch.

Launch & Ongoing Program

We go live with our plan, continue creating and deploying content, monitor performance, and optimize accordingly.







Ongoing Content Production*
*costs do not include travel, location fees, and talent fees
$1200/ month

This tier, the lowest in this model, involves good-quality cameras and natural lighting, with both photo and video capture. It is performed by a one-person crew, who will use camera, tripod, and a mic attached to the camera. This level is suitable for regular social media content, digital ads, blog post images, or instructional videos. This tier requires client team to participate in planning locations, on camera talent, logistics, and scheduling. Often someone from the client’s team travels with the photographer/videographer on the day of the shoot.

$2400/ month

This tier includes professionally shot photos or videos with a significant amount of effort and resources invested. This plan includes a professional photographers/videographers, sound person, virtual producer, and basic lighting. This level is typically used for regular marketing campaigns, corporate videos, or professional product photography. This tier requires client to participate in planning locations and on camera talent, but we will take care of logistics and scheduling.

$8.4K+/ month

This level is reserved for the most premium, high-production-value content. It may include things like aerial/drone photography, complex CGI or VFX in videos, high-concept art direction, hiring top-tier talent, or shooting in exotic locations. This tier is typically used for flagship marketing campaigns, top-tier product launches, or when the content will have a broad reach or be prominently featured.


Digital Advertising*
*fee structures do not include Ad Spend cost
$1200/ month

Ideal for small businesses or start-ups with limited budgets. This might include local retailers, small online businesses, individual entrepreneurs, or freelancers. The main goal at this tier might be to drive local awareness or to begin establishing an online presence.

$2400/ month

This tier is well-suited for medium-sized businesses or rapidly growing small businesses. They might have a broader reach or operate in more competitive industries, so their ad spend will need to be higher to stand out. This could include e-commerce businesses, software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, healthcare providers or larger brick-and-mortar retailers looking to expand their online presence. Also included is a new landing page per quarter.

$6.6K +/ month

This would be a good fit for large businesses or corporations that already have a substantial online presence and are looking to expand or refine their digital marketing efforts. They might be looking to target national or international markets, launch new products or services, or invest heavily in brand-building. This could include tech companies, automobile manufacturers, consumer goods companies, financial service providers, etc. Also included is two new landing pages per quarter.


Social Media Management
$1200/ month

This plan is designed for companies that want to maintain an ongoing presence on their social media channels. The focus is on regularly updating these channels to showcase what the company is up to and to keep the business top-of-mind for followers. This includes sharing company news, highlighting products or services, and posting relevant industry content. We’ll ensure your social accounts reflect your brand, connect with your audience, and stay active with fresh content. The goal is to build and maintain brand awareness and to create a reliable line of communication with your customers. This option is perfect for those who see the value in social media but aren’t ready to heavily invest in it just yet.

$2400/ month

This plan is perfect for companies that are ready to take the next step in their social media journey. Here, the focus is not just on maintaining a presence but on actively growing your social media following and engagement. With the potential for strong ROI from a loyal and engaged following, we’ll use a mix of organic strategies and paid promotions to increase your reach, engagement, and follower count. We’ll also start tracking key metrics to understand what kind of content resonates with your audience and refine our strategy based on those insights. The goal is to grow your audience, boost engagement, and start seeing a tangible return from your social media efforts.

$6600/ month

This plan is the best option for companies for whom social media is a critical component of their business model. We’ll take a 360-degree approach to your social media, covering everything from in-depth audience research to sophisticated content strategy, from social advertising to influencer partnerships, and more. The focus here is on maximizing the potential of your social channels to drive business goals, whether that’s driving sales, generating leads, increasing website traffic, or boosting brand awareness on a large scale. With a dedicated team at your disposal, you’ll get regular reports, analytics, and insights, as well as ongoing strategy refinement to ensure we’re constantly optimizing for the best results. The goal is to turn your social media channels into powerful business tools that directly contribute to your bottom line.

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