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ARTMAGIC LABS helped this rapidly expanding Multi State Operator (MSO) grow patient volume, scale to 42 locations, and increase shareholder value.

Healthcare MSO’s are complex, multi-faceted organizations that require precise coordination…

Company Overview

One GI

One GI is a private equity backed, MSO of Gastroenterology centers that is aggressively acquiring new practices. Exceptional patient experience is always top of mind, so having a partner that cares for the patient journey from new lead, to booked appointment, to positive Google review, is extremely important.

One GI consists of 15 distinct brands over 42 locations across 6 states. Each brand requires its own brand identity and must maintain its unique differentiation while representing & championing the One GI family. The majority of these new brands have been acquired in the past year and ARTMAGIC LABS has been charged with and successfully ensured continuity across all centers.

Given One GI’s current growth rate, they were in need of a brand, content and marketing partner who could keep up with their pace of growth and deliver a suite of services that elevated and amplified their already stellar reputation.

ARTMAGIC LABS stepped in as a trusted partner, ensured their aggressive goals were met, and maintained brand equity across all new centers.











Challenge 1

How to scale marketing efforts from local to national

When One GI first engaged ARTMAGIC LABS to manage their content and marketing efforts, all of their portfolio brands were operating in fragmented silos. They needed a partner that could understand how to smoothly integrate these silos with their growth aspirations and match the intensity of their acquisition pace. One GI needed a repeatable process that could help scale them from disparate regional practices to a nationally recognized brand. This meant the ability to plug new brands into existing marketing efforts and hit the ground running.

How we do it

Create technology, marketing and brand best practices

A challenge unique to MSOs is quickly bringing new acquisitions up to speed with pre-existing internal processes. Integrating old systems with new software and digital infrastructure is particularly difficult. There can be great organizational strain if new practices don’t assimilate promptly. To achieve scalability in marketing & technology efforts, ARTMAGIC LABS implemented standards that are used across the entire organization.

This includes brand development, values discovery, landing page construction, website management, Content Management System updates, lead generation automation, and social media account management.

This all starts with technology and marketing automation. We help maintain alignment by bringing all new practices on to the same digital platforms. By building and maintaining websites, constructing center specific landing pages, and creating custom lead generation flows, we’ve ensured that all leads are tracked and accounted for. Regardless of what technologies the practice was using prior to joining One GI, they are able to leverage their marketing power instantaneously. This approach has not only allowed newly acquired centers to start increasing revenue immediately, but also streamlined the process for capturing, tracking, nurturing, and converting leads across all brands within One GI.

To maintain brand equity and consistency, we manage the paid ads strategy for each location. It’s a tightrope walk supporting strong brand identities across 15 different entities while promoting cohesion amongst the group. AML ensures that One GI’s ad creative and messaging is consistent across all properties, but individual centers can maintain individuality. And we always push to be real, accessible and empathetic. We find that consumers are generally savvy- when content is banal or disingenuous, they don’t convert. Our copywriting and creative experts make sure we’re connecting with our target audience to safeguard the One GI brand. We’ve been given an immense responsibility and don’t take that lightly.

Finally, reporting and data analysis are a critical component of our success. Tracking KPIs helps us understand the effectiveness of our landing pages, websites, and social media campaigns. By regularly monitoring analytics and user behavior, ARTMAGIC LABS gains valuable insights that help identify areas for improvement and optimization. We never make assumptions, and always rely on data to help us make the difficult decisions.

Challenge 2

Increase Patient Volume

We can’t talk about a rapidly expanding MSO without talking about patient growth. Increasing revenue is essential for any growing business, but boosting patient volume is even more important when you consider that incoming physicians have sold a percentage of their business to join this collective. The marching orders are clear- fill calendars and keep them full.

How we do it

Increase brand awareness and drive lead generation with paid ads & elevated creative assets

One GI lacked reputation in many of its new markets, which hindered its ability to attract new patients. 90% of patients today find a new doctor from internet search and 74% of patients use reviews to make their decision. In short, consumers will not consider a physician from an unknown brand. This means that multiple touch points are needed with a potential patient before they are ready to book an appointment.

AML developed a full-funnel media strategy with a focus on high quality ad creative to grow brand awareness and drive appointment setting. To quickly get traffic for practices in new markets, we focus on awareness campaigns to help identify & qualify new prospects. New locations are often up against strong legacy brands, so the first step is creating some name recognition. Next, consideration campaigns are run to educate and reinforce the brand. Finally we run conversion campaigns that present prospects with an ad that seamlessly allows them to make an appointment.

Focusing on building trust with potential patients has enabled us to produce positive engagements no matter what part of the funnel the prospect is in. This strategy has been very effective in decreasing CPAs and CPMs while also driving tens of thousands of new leads.


Strategy is a huge piece of the puzzle, but it doesn’t matter how good your game plan is if your content is bad. Attractive and engaging ad creative directly affects a campaign’s CPM. Boring ads with lots of text will simply not convert. Brands need high quality creative that resonates with the best practices of Facebook, Google, or whichever platform we’re running ads on. Keeping this in mind, we’ve strived from day one to create fresh & interesting ad creative, which has increased engagements and boosted click through rates.

Client Leads since 7/24/22


Clicks (Google & FB)

Challenge 3

Communicating with Multiple, Diverse Stakeholders

While each physician is focused on delivering the best care possible, One GI is focused on recruiting the best talent, convincing new practices to join the family and staying well capitalized to fuel their ambitious goals. This means communicating to various stakeholders throughout the organization, each of which has their own distinct perspectives and agendas. Whether it’s a new hire, a prospective physician, or a private equity GP, video can win hearts and minds faster and more effectively than any other media. All of these varied stakeholders have their own interests, values and agendas, and tailored video content can help communicate to each of them the information they need.

How we do it

High quality video content that speaks to a diverse set of stakeholders

Video is an immersive experience. A good video absorbs the viewer, and communicates beliefs and ethos in a way that prose can’t come close to. We needed to help One GI showcase their culture, values, and expertise in ways that would drive viewers to take action.

Understanding that we needed to create content in a limited time for 3 different audiences, we set out to get footage that could be repurposed for many different use cases.

We broke shooting down into 3 sessions:

  • Interviews with the C-suite
  • Interviews with upper management
  • Interviews with physicians

Strong preparation resulted in a plethora of usable film which we’ll be able to repurpose into many different forms. Just from these shoots alone, we were able to create videos that spoke to each stakeholder. Interviews with the C-suite and management team turned into internal videos that welcomed new recruits to the cause, and made powerful statements about the future value of the company for prospective investors.

qode interactive strata

Physician interviews coupled with these c-suite excerpts made for perfect videos to encourage new physicians to join the One GI family. And some of the physician footage resulted in an incredibly moving piece on how preventable colon cancer is when getting colonoscopies at the recommended time. These videos will be relevant for years to come, and will live on their intranet as well as their public facing websites, and the cherry on top is that much of this will be repurposed into ad creative as well.

Through video content, One GI allows potential physicians and practices to see firsthand the positive work environment, patient-centered approach, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and the overall atmosphere within One GI. This visual representation creates a compelling narrative that attracts like-minded professionals and practices.

Services Utilized







At ARTMAGIC LABS we believe in doing well by doing good.

ARTMAGIC LABS is a logical choice for any MSO or multi-location healthcare practice because we’ve been working with these types of healthcare institutions for a long time. We know what digital strategies work and what should be prioritized.

We take great pride in the results we deliver- presenting our partners with the highest quality product possible is the most important thing in the world to us. Having the ability to service organizations that are delivering best in class healthcare to millions of people is an honor that we do not take lightly. We view ourselves as extensions of the clients we work with and will do the job until it is done correctly and to our extremely lofty standards.

In addition to that, we are always forward thinking. We never settle on short term solutions unless it is absolutely necessary. Our job is to create sustainable, long-term strategies that will help scale your organization for years to come. We are always looking to innovate and improve efficiency.

Most importantly, you will always enjoy working with us. We are good natured, fun and hard working. As the trusted partner of some large and influential brands, we understand that you can’t spend time worrying about whether your agency partner can deliver. We are self-starters with a bias for action, and are well equipped to handle intricate jobs with multiple deliverables.